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Author: CountryMo
First Uploaded: 2022-06-26
Last Updated: 2022-07-02


Just a map to train your pinches' accuracy, You're gonna overshoot both easy and hard shots, there are 22 levels, 11 on the left side and 11 on the right one.

I would say it's about diamond level but sometimes you just need luck so anyone can play it.
This map uses multiple cameras but if they bother you or you just want to make it a dribble map, you can disable them with a button that says: Air dribble, placed in the first level.

Settings: Training mode, if you use Bakkesmod you might want to enable the standard color option. Bloom on could be nice

Only thing I recommend is to not have the "scoreboard" button binded to the "respawn" button otherwise you're going to switch left/right side after every shot.